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Prophecies of Anne Catherine Emmerich 8

Prophecies of
Anne Catherine Emmerich...Part 8

Here Anne Catherine is given many visions of the suffering of
the Jews in a special place of purgation. She relates their suffering and gives vignettes of souls known to her.

1) "I was taken by the soul of the old Jewess to the abode of
Jewish souls to help and comfort many poor creatures belonging
to Coesfield, some of whom I knew. It is an isolated place of
purgation, quite separate from that of Christians. I was deeply
touched at seeing that they are not eternally lost, and I beheld
their various pitiable conditions."

2) "I saw a poor, but uncommonly pious Jewish family who used
to trade in old silver and little crosses as goldsmiths do, and who
now had to work incessantly, melting, weighing, and filing. But
not having the implements necessary, they could never finish
anything, something obliged them continually to begin all over
again. I remember making a bellows for them, and I spoke to
them of the Messiah, etc. All that I said the old Jewess repeated
and confirmed."

3) " I saw some of them swimming in blood and entrails which
produced an ever-abiding loathing; others running without ever a
moment's rest; some dragging heavy loads; others constantly
rolling and unrolling packages; others again, tormented by bees,
wax, honey--but it is inexpressable!--"

4) "I visited all the Jews of this city. I went by night into their
dwellings. The rabbi was perfectly inflexible, petrified as it were.
He possesses no bond of grace. I could in no way approach him."

5) "Mrs. P-- is chained down by the firm, fundamental principle
that it is a sin even to think upon Christian truths. One must
repel such thought at once, she thinks."

6) "The nearest to Christianity is the big Jewess who sells meat.
If she were not such a cheat she would receive still more grace.
But no one sympathizes with these people. I stood at her beside
and tried to influence her; I told her many things.-She awoke in
fright and ran to her husband, saying that she thought her mother appeared to her. She was in great agony of mind, and she resolved to give alms to poor Christians."

7) She entered the store of a Jewess, of Coesfield. She was
busily arranging her goods, mixing up laces and linen of inferior
quality with superior in order to deceive customers. This fraud
Sister Emmerich prevented by perplexing the woman in such a way that she could not find what she was seeking, could not open drawers, etc. Greatly disquieted she ran in tears to her husband who, on hearing her trouble, decided that she had committed some sin, yielded to some bad thought perhaps for which she must do penance.

Then Sister Emmerich received a certain power over her. She
spoke to her conscience and made her feel so sensibly the wrong
she was about to do that the woman cried to her husband for
assistance and consolation. He ran to her saying: "Now, do you
not see that you did something wrong?"--and the wife resolved to
give a quantity of old linen and other alms to poor Christians in
expiation of her fraud. she thus obtained pardon for many other

8) "I was also among some Jews who lived in caves near Mt.
Sinai and committed numerous robberies and cruelties in the
country around. I had to frighten them--perhaps for the sake of
the Christian pilgrims as well as for that of the inhabitants of
the place."

Taken from: The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich ( Vol 11 pages 243-245)
Authored by: Very Reverend Carl E. Schmöger, C.SS.R.
Published by;
Copyright: 1885

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Prophecies of Anne Catherine Emmerich 7

Prophecies of
Anne Catherine Emmerich...Part 7

Here we present the ominous prophecies from Anne that
portend the Vatican downfall. She is accompanied by St
Frances of Rome. We draw near the fulfillment of these
very prophecies.

1) "As I went through Rome with Frances and the saint, we
saw a great palace enveloped in flames (the Vatican). I was in
dread lest the inmates would be consumed, for no one tried to
extinguish the fire; but when we drew near, it suddenly ceased
and left the building black and scorched."

2) "After passing through numerous magnificent apartments, we
reached that of the Pope. We found him sitting in the dark, asleep in a large arm-chair. He was very sick and weak, no longer able to walk, and people were going to and fro before his door."

3) "The ecclesiastics most nearly connected with him pleased me
not. They appeared to be false and lukewarm, and the simple-minded pious men whom I once saw by him were now removed to a distant part of the palace."

4) "I spoke long with the Holy Father, and I cannot express
how very real my presence there seemed to be; for I, too, was
extremely weak and the people around were constantly obliged
to support me."

5) "I spoke with the Bishops soon to be appointed, and I again
told the Pope that he must not leave Rome, for if he did, all
would go to ruin. He thought the evil inevitable and that his
personal safety as well as other considerations, would oblige him
to go, a measure to which he felt himself strongly inclined and to
which he was advised by his counsellors."

6) "I saw Rome in such a state that the least spark would
inflame it, and Sicily dark, frightful, abandoned by all that could
leave it."

7) One day whilst in ecstasy, she groaned: "I see the Church
alone, forsaken by all and around her strife, misery, hatred,
treason, resentment, total blindness. I see messengers sent on
all sides from a dark central point with messages that issue from
their mouths like black vapor, enkindling in the breasts of their
hearers rage and hatred. I pray earnestly for the oppressed!"

8) "In those places in which some souls still pray I see light
descending; but others, pitchy darkness. The situation is terrible!
May God have mercy! How much I have prayed! O city, (Rome)
with what art thou threatened! The storm approaches--be on thy
guard! I trust thou wilt stand firm!"

9) "Last night I made the Way of the Cross at Coesfeld with a
crowd of souls who showed me the distress of the Church and the
necessity of prayer. Then I had a vision of many gardens lying
around me in a circle, and the Pope's situation with respect to
his Bishops."

10) "In these earthly gardens, I saw the temporal, spiritual
authority, and above them in the air I saw their future Bishops;
for instance, I saw above the garden of the stern Superior, a new
Bishop with the cross, mitre, and other episcopal insignia, and
standing around him Protestants who wished him to enter the
garden below, but not on the conditions established by the Holy
Father. They tried to insinuate themselves by all sorts of covert
means; they destroyed a part of the garden, or sowed bad seed in
it. I saw them sometimes here, sometimes there, cultivating the
land or letting it lie untilled, tearing up and not clearing away,
etc.; all was full of pitfalls and rubbish. I saw them intercepting
or turning away the roads that led to the Pope.

When they did succeed in getting a Bishop according to their
liking, I saw that he had been intruded contrary to the will of
the Holy Father; consequently, he possessed no legitimate spiritual authority.

It is very distressing!--I see one who has few claims to holiness
about to be installed in the see of a holy deceased Bishop."

11) "Judgment takes but a very short time. It is held the instant
the soul leaves the body and just over the place where death occurred Jesus, Mary, the holy patron, and the good angel of the soul are present. Mary is present even at the judgment of Protestants." (Vol 2 page 230)

Taken from: The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich
(Vol 2 pp 301-303)
Authored by:
Very Reverend Carl E. Schmöger, C.SS.R
Published by:
Copyright: 1885

Prophecies of Anne Catherine Emmerich 6

Prophecies of
Anne Catherine Emmerich......Part 6

Here we describe what Anne Catherine calls "the little black fellow" who apparently travels the world in his effort to construct the "One World Government" and destroy the Church.

1) "I always see these 'Illuminati' in a certain connection with the
coming of Antichrist; for, by their secrets, by their injustice, they
forward the accomplishment of that mystery of iniquity."(Vol 1 p 405)

2) "I saw the Pope praying. surrounded by false friends who often
did the very opposite to what he had ordered, and I saw a little
black fellow (a laic) laboring actively against the Church. Whilst
it was thus being pulled down on one side, it was rebuilt on the
other, but not very zealously." (Vol 1 p. 565)

Prophecies of Anne Catherine Emmerich 5

Prophecies of
Anne Catherine Emmerich......Part V

Here Anne Catherine is given a glance at paradise and relates a
few of the many things she sees. It is a real place and still exists,
though out of the reach of man. Just a foretaste of what awaits the one who waits on God.

1) "Unicorns still exist and herd together. I know of a piece of the
horn of one of these animals which is for sick beasts what blessed
objects are for men."

2) "I have often seen that unicorns still exist, but far remote from
the abodes of men, away up in the valleys around the Mountain of
the Prophets. In size, they are something like a colt with slender
legs; they can climb steep heights and stand on a very narrow
ledge, their feet drawn close together."

3) "They cast their hoofs like shells or shoes, for I have often
seen them scattered around. They have long yellowish hair, very
thick and long around the neck and breast; it looks like wreathes.
They live to a great age."

4) "On their forehead is a single horn, an ell in length, which
curls up toward the back of the head, and which they shed at
certain periods. It is sought after and preserved as something
very precious."

5) "The unicorns are very timid, so shy one cannot approach them, and they live in peace among themselves and with other animals. The males and females dwell apart and come together only at certain times, for they are chaste and produce not many young."

6) "It is very difficult to see or catch them, as they live far behind
the other animals over which they exercise a wonderful empire; even the most venomous, the most horrible seem to regard them with a species of respect. Serpents and other frightful things coil themselves up and lie humbly on their backs when a unicorn approaches and breathes on them."

7) "They have a kind of alliance with the most savage beasts, they
mutually protect one another. When danger threatens a unicorn,
the others spread terror on all sides whilst the unicorn hides
behind them but it, in its turn, protects them from their enemies,
for all withdraw in affright from the secret and marvellous power
of the unicorn's breath."

8) "It must be the purest of all the lower animals, since all have
so great reverence for it. Wherever it feeds, wherever it drinks, all venomous things withdraw."

9) " It seems to me that it is looked upon as something holy,
since it is said that the unicorn rests its head only upon the bosom of a pure virgin. This signifies that flesh issued pure and holy only from the bosom of the Blessed Virgin Mary; that degenerate flesh was regenerated in her, or that in her for the first time flesh became pure; in her, the ungovernable was vanquished; in her, what was savage was subdued; in her, unrestrained humanity became pure and tractable; in her bosom was the poison drawn from the earth."

10) "I saw these animals also in Paradise, but much more
beautiful. Once I saw them harnessed to the chariot of Elias
when he appeared to a man of the Old Testament. I have seen
them on wild, raging torrents, and running swiftly in deep,
narrow, rugged valleys; and I have also seen them in far distant
places where lie heaps of their bones on shores and in
underground caves."

Taken from: The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich (V2- pp 577-578)
Authored by:
Carl E. Schmöger C.SS.R.
Published by:
Copyright: 1885

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Prophecies of Anne Catherine Emmerich 4

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

Prophecies of
Anne Catherine Emmerich .....Part 4

On the Depths of Purgatory.........section 2

1)..." I cannot say exactly where purgatory lies. But when going there I generally journey northward awhile when leaving the earth by a gloomy, difficult road of water, snow, briars, swamps, etc., I descend by dark aerial paths as if far under the earth to dismal places of different degrees of cold, fog and obscurity. I go around among souls in higher or lower positions, of more or less difficult access. Last night I went among them all, consoling them and receiving their commissions for various labors. I had to say right off the Litany of the Saints and the Seven Penitential Psalms. My guide warned me to guard carefully against impatience and to offer every vexation for the poor souls. The other morning I almost forgot his admonition and was on the point of yielding to impatience, but I repressed it. I am very glad I did so, and I thank my good angel for helping me. No words can say what immense consolation the poor souls receive from a little sacrifice, a trifling self-victory." (Vol II pp 254-255)

2) Nov 2, 1821.--For fourteen days, Sister Emmerich had been constantly occupied with the poor souls, offering for them prayers, mortifications, alms and spiritual labors, and arranging numerous things to be given away on the Feast of All-Souls(Nov 2). She related the following :--"I went again with the saints to purgatory. The prisons of the souls are not all in the same place, they are far apart and very different. The road to them often lies over icebergs, snow and clouds; sometimes it winds all around the earth. The saints float lightly by me on luminous clouds of various colors, according to the different kinds of help and consolation their good works and entitle them to bestow. I had to travel painful, rugged paths, pray the while and offering it all for the souls. I reminded the saints of their own sufferings, and offered them to God in union with the merits of Jesus Christ for the same intention.
The abodes of the the souls differ according to each one's state, yet they all struck me as being round like globes. I can compare them only to those places which I call gardens and in which I see certain graces preserved like fruits; so, too, are these sojourns of the souls like gardens, storehouses, worlds full of disagreeable things, privations, torments, miseries, anguish, etc., etc., and some are much smaller than others. When I arrive I can clearly distinguish their round form and perhaps a ray of light falling on some point, or twilight on the horizon. Some are a little better than others, but in none can the blue sky be seen, all are more or less dark and obscure. In some the souls are near one another and in great agony; some are deeper down, and others higher and clearer." (Vol II p 255).

3) "The places in which souls are separately confined are also of various forms: for instance, some are shaped like ovens. They who were united on earth are together in purgatory only when they have need of the same degree of purification. In many places the light is colored, that is fiery, or of a dull red. There are other abodes in which evil spirits persecute, frighten, and torment the souls, and these are the most horrible. One would take them for hell, did not the inexpressibly touching patience of the souls proclaim the contrary.
Words can not describe their consolation and joy when one among them is delivered. There are also places for penitential works, as those in which I once saw them raising and storming ramparts, the women on the islands cultivating the fruits which were taken away on rafts, etc. These souls are in a less suffering state; they can do something for others worse off than themselves. It may be symbolical, but it is symbolical of truth. The vegetation is scanty and stunted, the fruits the same; yet they afford relief to those still more needy. Kings and princes are often thrown with those whom they once oppressed and whom they now serve in humble suffering."(Vol II p 256)

4) "I have seen in purgatory Protestants who were pious in their ignorance; they are very desolate, for no prayers are offered for them."(Vol II p 256)

5) "I saw souls passing from a lower to a higher grade to fill up the vacancies left by some who had finished their purgation. Some can go around giving and receiving consolation. It is a great grace to be able to appear and beg help and prayers. I have also seen the places in which some souls canonized on earth were purified; their sanctity had not reached its perfection in their lifetime. I went to many priests and churches and ordered Masses and devotions for the souls." (Vol II p 256)

6) "I was at Rome in St Peter's, near noble ecclesiastics, Cardinals, I think, who had to say seven Masses for certain souls. I know not why they had ommitted doing so. Whilst they were being said, I saw the neglected souls, dark and sad, gathered around the altar; they exclaimed, as if hungry: 'We have not been fed for so long!'--I think it was foundation Masses that had been neglected. The confiscation of foundations for Masses for the dead is, as I see, unspeakable cruelty and a theft committed against the poorest of the poor. On my route I saw few if any of the living, but I met souls, angels, and saints, and I saw many of the effects of prayer. During these days, I have had to drag to the confessional and to church many people who otherwise would never have gone." (Vol II pp 256-257)

7) Nov 2, 1822--"Last night I had much to do in purgatory. I went northward and, as it seemed, around the pole of the globe. I saw the icebergs above me; and yet purgatory does not appear to be at the centre, for I can see the moon. In going around among the prisons, I tried to make an opening that a little light might enter. The outside looks like a shining black wall in the form of a crescent; inside are innumerable chambers and passages, high and low, ascending and descending. Near the entrance it is not so bad, the souls are free to move around; but further on they are more strictly imprisoned. Here lies one stretched as it were in a hole, a ditch, there several are together in different positions, higher and lower; sometimes, one is seen seated on high as if on a rock. the further we penetrate, the more frightful it becomes, for demons there exercise their power. It is a temporary hell in which souls are tormented by horrible spectres and hideous forms that wander around, persecuting and terrifying their victims." (Vol II p 258)

Taken from: The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich
Authored by: Carl E Schmöger C.SS.R
Published by:

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Prophecies of Anne Catherine Emmerich 3

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

The Prophecies of
Anne Catherine Emmerich....Part 3

On the Existence of Purgatory.......section 1

1) "I was with my guide," she says, "among the poor souls in purgatory. I saw their desolation, their inability to help themselves, and the little assistance they get from the living. Ah, their misery is inexpressible! Whilst contemplating their state, I saw a mountain separated me from my guide. I sighed for him like one famished, I almost swooned with desire. I saw him on the opposite side, but I could not reach him. He said to me: 'See, how thou sighest for help! The poor souls are always in the state in which thou art!' He often took me to pray before caverns and prisons. I prostrated, I wept with my arms extended, and I cried to God for mercy. My angel encouraged me to offer all kinds of privations for the poor souls. they cannot help themselves, they are cruelly neglected. I often sent him to the angels of certain persons in suffering, to inspire them to suffer their pains for them. They are instantly relieved by such offerings; they become joyous, so grateful! Whenever I do something for them, they pray for me. I am terrified to see the riches the Church holds out in such abundance neglected, dissipated, so lightly esteemed, whilst the poor souls are languishing for them."

2) "The prayer most pleasing to God is that made for others and particularly for the poor souls. Pray for them, if you want your prayers to bring high interest."

3) "The poor souls suffer inexpressibly. The difference between the pains of purgatory and those of hell is this: in hell reigns only despair, whilst in purgatory the hope of deliverance sweetens all. The greatest torment of the damned is the anger of God. Some faint idea of His wrath may be formed from the terror of a defenceless person exposed to the attack of a furious man.'

4) "Last night I was in purgatory. It seemed to me that I was taken into a deep abyss, a vast region, where I saw, and the site filled me with sorrow, the poor souls so sad, so silent, yet with something in their countenance which tells that the thought of God's mercy gives joy to their heart. Enthroned in their midst was the Mother of God, more beautiful than I had ever seen her before."-- Then she said to him (her inquisitor Dean Rensing) "Instruct your penitents to pray fervently for the poor souls in purgatory, for they in gratitude will pray for them in return. Prayer for these poor souls is most agreeable to God, as it admits them to His presence sooner."

5) "I went with my guide into a gloomy prison for souls, where I consoled on all sides. The souls were buried in darkness, all more or less so; some to the neck, others to the waist. They were in separate, though adjoining dungeons, some tortured with thirst, others by cold, others by heat, unable to help themselves, sighing in uninterrupted torments. I saw numbers delivered and their joy was inexpressible. They went forth as gray figures. They received for their short passage to a higher region the costume and distinctive marks of their state upon earth. They assembled in a vast place above purgatory enclosed as with a thorn-hedge. I saw many physicians received by a procession of physicians like themselves and conducted on high. I saw numbers of soldiers liberated, and the sight made me rejoice with the poor men slaughtered in war. I saw few female religious, still fewer judges; but led out by blessed nuns were numbers of virginal souls who had wanted only an opportunity to consecrate themselves to the religious life. I saw some kings of olden times, some members of royal families, a large number of ecclesiastics, and many peasants, among whom I saw some of my acquaintance and others who, by their costume, seemed to belong to foreign lands. Each class was led on high and in different directions by souls of their own condition in life and, as they ascended, they were divested of their earthly insignia and clothed in a luminous robe peculiar to the blessed. I recognized in purgatory not only my own acquaintances, but also their relatives whom, perhaps, I had never before seen. I saw in the greatest abandonment those poor, dear souls who have no one to think of them. Among those who forget them are so many of their brethen in the faith who neglect prayer! It is for such souls that I pray the most.

........Then I saw many of the poor souls whom I had known in life, with whom I had had dealings, looking wistfully after me from purgatory, and I understood the difference between true and false sympathy. They followed me with sad eyes, repenting of many things now that I was forced to leave them.--They were citizens of the little city." (Vol II pp 202-203)

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Prophecies of Anne Catherine Emmerich 2

Prophecies of
Anne Catherine Emmerich........Part 2

1) "I saw heart-rending misery, playing, drinking, gossiping, even courting going on in the church. All sorts of abominations were committed in it; they had even set a ninepin alley in the middle of it. The priests let things go their way and said Mass very irreverently; only a few of them were still a little intelligent and pious. I saw Jews standing around the doorways. All this grieved me deeply. Then my Heavenly Spouse bound me as He Himself had been bound to the pillar, and He said: 'So will the Church yet be bound. She will be tightly bound before she shall again rise.' "

2) "The Church," she groaned, " is in great danger. I must ask everyone who comes to see me to say an Our Father for that intention. We must pray that the Pope may not leave Rome, for unheard-of evils would result from such a step. We must pray for the Holy Ghost to enlighten him, for they are even now trying to exact something of him. The Protestant doctrine, as also that of the Greeks, is spreading everywhere. Two men live at this time who long to ruin the Church, but they have lost one who used to help them with his pen. He was killed by a young man about a year ago, and one of the two men of whom I speak left Germany at the same time. They have their employees everywhere."

3) "The little black man in Rome, whom I see so often, has many working for him without their clearly knowing for what end. He has his agents in the new black church also. If the Pope leaves Rome, the enemies of the Church will get the upper hand. I see the little black man in his own country committing many thefts and falsifying things generally. Religion is there so skillfully undermined and stifled that there are scarcely one hundred faithful priests I can not say how it is, but I see fog and darkness increasing. There are, however, three churches they can not seize: St. Peter's, St Mary-Major's and St Micheal's. Although they are constantly trying to undermine them, they will not succeed. I help not. All must be rebuilt soon for every one, even the ecclesiastics are laboring to destroy-ruin is at hand. The two enemies of the Church who have lost their accomplice are firmly resolved to destroy the pious and learned men that stand in their way.

4) "They want to install bad Bishops. In one place they want to turn a Catholic church into a Lutheran meeting-house. I must pray, suffer and struggle against this, for such is my present task. If the saints did not assist me, I could not endure it. I should be overcome and that would be most grievous to me! I see the devil using every artifice to put me to shame.-He is continually sending all sorts of people to visit me, to torment and wear me out."

5) "I see the Church alone, forsaken by all and around her strife, misery, hatred, treason, resentment, total blindness. I see messengers sent on all sides from a dark central point with messages that issue from their mouths like black vapor, enkindling in the breast of their hearers rage and hatred. I pray earnestly for the oppressed!--In those places in which some souls still pray I see light descending; but on others, pitchy darkness. The situation is terrible! May God have mercy! O city!, O city, (Rome) with what art thou threatened! The storm approaches--be on thy guard! I trust thou wilt stand firm!"

6) "I saw a church sailing on the waters and in great danger of sinking, for it had no foundation; it rolled on the sea like a ship. With mighty efforts I had to help to restore it's balance, and we sent many people into it, chiefly children,, stationing them around the beams and the planks. In the three aisles of the church lay twelve men prostate and motionless in fervent prayer, and there were crowds of children at the entrance prostrate before an altar. I saw no Pope, but a Bishop prostrate before the High Altar. In this vision I saw the church bombarded by other vessels, but we hung wet cloths before it and it received no damage. It was threatend on all sides; it seemed as if it's enemies wanted to hinder it's landing. When by the help of extra weight it was again righted, it sank a little in the sand. Then we laid down planks to the shore. Instantly all sorts of bad ecclesiastics ran in with others, who had given no assistance in time of need, and began to mock the twelve men whom they saw in prayer and to box their ears; but the latter were silent and went on praying.--Then we brought great stones which we stuck all around the foundation which began to increase as if it were growing of itself. The stones came together, and it seemed as if a rock sprang up and all became solid. Crowds of people, among them some strangers, entered the door, and the church was again on land."

7) Once Sister Emmerich, still in ecstasy, uttered the following words: "They want to take from the shepherd his own pasture grounds! They want to fill his place with one who will hand all over to the enemy!"-- Then she shook her hand indignantly, crying out: "O ye German cheats! Wait a while! You will not succeed! The Shepherd stands on a rock! O ye priests! You stir not, ye sleep, and the sheepfold is everywhere on fire! You do nothing! O how you will bewail this some day! If you had said only one Our Father! The whole night have I seen the enemies of the Lord Jesus drag Him around and maltreat him upon Calvary! I see so many traitors! They cannot bear to hear said: 'Things are going badly!'--All is well with them if only they can shine before the world!"

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The Prophecies of Anne Catherine Emmerich 1

Blesse Anne Catherine Emmerich I of Dulmen, Germany

The Prophecies of
Anne Catherine Emmerich.......Part 1

Born into poverty on the 8th of September 1774 in the small German village of Flamske, this daughter of a farmers, was infused with the gift of contemplation from birth. Her gifts of prophecy, tears and suffering far exceeded any other known individual in the Church. Her virtue and innocence prompted the famous biographer Clement Brentano to state "All that I have ever beheld in art or in life representative of piety, peace, and innocence, sinks into insignificance compared with her."

She regularly conversed with the Divine, the Virgin Mary, the saints and her constant companion, her guardian angel. She could read the hearts of others and regularly suffered the ills of others for their relief of bodily, as well as, spiritual ailments. Through all this she suffered repeat humiliation, pointed hatred and straight forward bias. She served as a nun with the Augustinian convent in Agentenberg until it was suffered closed leaving her a long winter in her cell, in desolate isolation. An august example of every conceivable virtue, she lies buried, three times exhumed and found incorrupt, in the small cemetery of Dülmen, Germany. She now approaches beatification some nearly 178 years later.

Incomparable in her suffering, concise in her prophecies and full of ardent love of the Triune God and His Mother here are a few of

Her Prophecies:

1) "They built a large, singular, extravagant church which was to embrace all creeds with equal rights: Evangelicals, Catholics, and all denominations, a true communion of the unholy with one shepherd and one flock. There was to be a Pope, a salaried Pope, without possessions. All was made ready, many things finished; but, in place of an altar, were only abomination and desolation. Such was the new church to be, and it was for it that he had set fire to the old one; but God designed otherwise. He died with confession and satisfaction-and he lived again!"

2) "I saw the Church of St. Peter and an enormous number of people working to demolish it. At the same time I saw others repairing the Church. The demolishers took away large pieces; they were, above all, sectarians and apostates, in the majority. In their destructive work these people seemed to follow certain orders and a certain rule. I saw with horror, that among them were Catholic priests. I saw the Pope praying, surrounded by false friends who frequently, did the contrary of what he had ordered."

3) "My Guide (Jesus) named Europe, and pointing to a small and sandy region, He uttered these remarkable words: 'Here is Prussia, the enemy.' Then He showed me another place, to the north, and He said: 'This is Moskva, the land of Moscow, bringing many evils.' "

4) "In the most terrible moment of the battle there will descend, to the battlefield, to the side of the 'good', the angels who will multiply the forces of the combatants. A marvelous courage will inflame the ardour of everyone. St Michael, himself will wound the enemies, followed instantly by a general overthrow of these enemies. A sword of fire will then appear above the heads of the triumphant good."

5) "The Jews shall return to Palestine and become Christians toward the end of the world."

6) "In the center of Hell I saw a dark and horrible-looking abyss, and into this Lucifer was cast, after being first strongly secured with chains; thick clouds of sulphurous black smoke arose from it's fearful depths and enveloped his fearful form in the dismal folds, thus effectually concealing him from every beholder. God Himself had decreed this; and I was likewise told, if I remember right, that he will be unchained for a time fifty or sixty years before the year of Christ 2000. The dates of many other events were pointed out to me which I do not now remember, but a certain number of demons are to be let loose much earlier than Lucifer, in order to tempt men, and to serve as instruments of divine vengence.

7) "Antichrist will fight a successful battle at Mageddo in Palestine after which seven rulers, from fear, will subject themselves to Antichrist and he will thereafter become lord of the world.

8) "I see new martyrs, not of the present time, but in the next century. I see them pursued. I see how here and there good and pious people, and especially the religious orders, are tortured, imprisoned and murdered.....

9) "I wish the time were here when the Pope dressed in red will reign. I see the Apostles, not those of the past, but the apostles of the last times, and it seems to me the Pope is among them."

Taken from: Prophecy for Today
Authored by: Edward Connor
Published by:

From: The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich
Authored by: Carl E. Schmöger, C.SS.R...
Published by:

From: Prophecies, the Chastisement and Purification
Authored by: Rev. Albert Hebert, S.M.

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Elizabeth Canori Mora II

Prophecies of
Elizabeth Canori Mora .......Part 11

Poignant and factual are the strong points of this seer's ever

useful revelations. She covers all details in every sphere with very

readable prophecies. She is presently beatified and on her way to

canonization. Remember her name in your prayers.

1) "All men shall rise one against the other, and they shall kill

one another without pity. During this sanguinary conflict the

avenging arm of God will strike the wicked, and in His mighty

power He will punish their pride and presumption."

2) "God will employ the powers of Hell for the extermination of

these impious and heretical persons who desire to overthrow the

Church and destroy it to it's very foundation."

3) "These presumptuous men in their mad impiety believe that they

can overthrow God from His throne; but the Lord will despise these

artifices, and through an effect of His Mighty Hand He will punish

these impious blasphemers by giving permission to the infernal

spirits to come out from Hell."

4) "Innumerable legions of demons shall overrun the earth, and

shall execute the orders of Divine Justice by causing terrible

calamities and disasters; they shall attack everything; they shall

injure individual persons and entire families; they shall devastate

property and alimentary productions, cities and villages. Nothing

on earth shall be spared."

5) "God will allow the demons to strike with death those impious

men because they gave themselves up to the infernal powers and

had formed with them a compact against the Catholic Church."

6) "Being desirous of more fully penetrating my spirit with a

deeper sentiment of His Divine Justice, God showed to me the

awful abyss; I saw in the bowels of the earth a dark and

frightening cavern, whence an infinite number of demons were

issuing forth, who under the form of men and beasts came to

ravage the earth, leaving everywhere ruins and blood."

7) "Happy will be all true and good Catholics! They shall

experience the powerful protection of the holy Apostles, St Peter

and St Paul, who will watch over them lest they may be injured

either in their persons or property."

8) "Those evil spirits shall plunder every place where God has

been outraged, despised and blasphemed; the edifices they profaned

will be pulled down and destroyed, and nothing but ruins shall

remain of them."

9) "After this frightful punishment I saw the Heavens opening

and St Peter coming down again upon earth; he was vested in

his pontifical robes, and surrounded by a great number of angels,

who were chanting hymns in his honor, and they proclaimed him

as sovereign of the earth."

10) "I saw also St Paul descending upon the earth. By God's

command he traversed the earth and chained the demons whom

he brought before St Peter, who commanded them to return into

Hell whence they had come."

11) "Then a great light appeared upon the earth which was the sign

of the reconciliation of God with man. The angels conducted before

the throne of the prince of the Apostles the small flock that had

remained faithful to Jesus Christ."

12) "These good and zealous Christians testified to him the most

profound respect, praising God and thanking the Apostles for

having delivered them from the common destruction, and for having

protected the Church of Jesus Christ by not permitting her to be

infected with the false maxims of the world."

13) "St Peter then chose the new pope. The Church was again

organized; religious orders were reestablished; the private families

of ordinary Christians, through their great fervor and zeal for the

glory of God, became like the most exemplary communities."

14) "Such is the glorious triumph reserved for the Catholic

Church; she shall be praised, honored and esteemed by all men.

All men shall become Catholics, and shall acknowledge the Pope

as Vicar of Jesus Christ."

Taken from: Prophecy for Today (pp 22-24)

Authored by: Edward Connor

Published by:

Copyright: 1956

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The Prophecies of Elizabeth Canori Mora I

Prophecies of
Elizabeth Canori-Mora

Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora was born in 1774 and lived in Italy until her saintly death in 1825. On instructions from her confessor, she wrote down her revelations which fill hundreds of notebook pages. Today, the manuscripts are safely kept in the archives of the Trinitarian Fathers at San Carlino, Rome.
When Pope Blessed Pius IX authorized Elizabeth Canori Mora’s cause for canonization to proceed, for years, all her writings were scrupulously examined for doctrinal errors, to guard against the dangers of being misled by a false mystic. The ecclesiastical censor commissioned by the Holy See released his official judgment on November 5, 1900. It stated “there is nothing against faith and good customs, and no doctrinal innovation or deviation was found.”
Elizabeth Canori Mora was beatified in 1994.

On the Crisis in the Church:
On Christmas Eve 1813, Elizabeth was transported in ecstasy to a place refulgent with light. There she saw countless saints in adoration before a humble manger. The Infant Jesus signaled her sweetly to approach, but on drawing near she saw that He was soaking with His own Blood. “Just the thought of it fills me with horror” she wrote. “But at the same time I understood the reason for such shedding of blood was the bad habits of many priests and religious who do not behave according to their state in life and the bad education given to children by their fathers, mothers and others entrusted with this duty. They, who should increase the spirit of the Lord in the hearts of others by their good example, instead mortally persecute Him with their bad conduct and teachings.”
Blessed Elizabeth received many other revelations concerning the devastating chaos and decadence into which Catholics, both lay and clerical, would fall. She relates that on February 24, 1814, she “…saw many ministers of the Lord who rob each other and furiously tear off the sacred vestments. I saw the sacred altars despoiled by the very ministers of God.”
Likewise, on March, 22, 1814, while praying for the Holy Father she “…saw him surrounded by wolves who plotted to betray him…I saw the Sanhedrin of wolves which surrounded the Pope (Pius VII), and two angels weeping…when I asked them why they were sad and lamenting, looking upon Rome with eyes full of compassion they responded, ‘Wretched city, ungrateful people, the justice of God will chastise you.’”
On January 16, 1815, angels showed her “many ecclesiastics who persecute Jesus Crucified and His holy Gospel under the guise of doing good…Like furious wolves they scheme to pull the Church leader down from his throne.” Then she was allowed to see the terrible indignation these wolves aroused in God. “In terror I saw the blazing lightening bolts of Divine Justice fall about me. I saw buildings collapsing in ruins. Cities, regions and the whole world fell into chaos. One heard nothing but countless weak voices calling out for mercy. Countless people will be killed.”
What terrified her the most was God’s anger. She saw Him “extremely angry with those who persecute Him. His omnipotent hands were holding bolts of lightening, His face was resplendent with indignation and His gaze alone was enough to incinerate the whole world.” The vision lasted but an instant, whereupon she recalled, “had it continued for another moment I surely would have died.”
Concerning her vision of June 7, 1815 she wrote of, “fierce wolves in sheep’s clothing, relentless persecutors of Jesus Crucified and His spouse the Holy Church…I saw the whole world convulsed, especially the city of Rome. How can I possibly relate what I saw of the Holy College? Because of contrary doctrines, together with the secular clergy, they were scattered, persecuted and murdered by the impious…The regular clergy had not suffered a total dispersion, but were also decimated. Countless men of all conditions died in the massacre, but not all were condemned, for among them were those of decent customs and others of holy life.”
Mary Ceases for the World:
On Christmas, 1816 Blessed Elizabeth saw Our Lady, who appeared extremely sad. Upon inquiring why, Our Lady answered, “Behold, my daughter, such great ungodliness.” Blessed Elizabeth then saw “apostates brazenly trying to rip her most holy Son from her arms. Confronted with such an outrage, the Mother of God ceased to ask mercy for the world, and instead requested justice from the Eternal Father. Clothed in His inexorable Justice and full of indignation, he turned to the world.
“At that moment all nature went into convulsions, the world lost its normal order and was filled with the most terrible calamity imaginable. This will be something so deplorable and atrocious that it will reduce the world to the ultimate depths of desolation.”
On the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, June 29, 1820, she saw St. Peter descending from heaven, robed in papal vestments and surrounded by a legion of angels. With his crosier he drew great cross over the face of the earth, separating it into four quadrants. In each of these quadrants, he then brought forth a tree, sprouting with new life. Each tree was in the shape of a cross and enveloped in magnificent light. All the good laity and religious fled for protection underneath these trees and were spared from the tremendous chastisement. “Woe! Woe to those inobservant religious who despise their Holy Rules. They will all perish in the terrible chastisement together with all who give themselves to debauchery and follow the false maxims of their deplorable contemporary philosophy!
“The sky took on a morbid blue color which terrified everyone who looked at it. A dark wind blew everywhere. An impassioned and mournful shrieking filled the air, like the terrible roar of a fierce lion, and resounded all over the earth in blood curdling echoes.
“All men and animals brimmed with terror. The entire world convulsed and everyone pitilessly slaughtered one another…
“When this bloody fight will arrive, the vengeful hand of God will weigh upon these fated ones and with His omnipotence He will chastise the proud for their rashness and shameless insolence. God will use the powers of darkness to exterminate these sectarian, iniquitous and criminal men, who plot to eradicate the Catholic Church, our Holy Mother, by tearing Her up by Her deepest roots, and casting Her on the ground.
God Will Laugh at Them:
“God will laugh at their malice, and with a mere wave of His almighty right Hand, He will punish the wicked. The powers of darkness will be allowed to leave Hell and enormous crowds of devils will invade the whole world. They will wreak great destruction and thus execute the orders of Divine Justice, to which they are also subjected. They will chastise man’s goods, families, towns, wretched cities, palaces, houses and everything else that exists on the face of the earth to the exact degree that God decrees…
“God will allow wicked men to be cruelly chastised by fierce demons, because they voluntarily subjected themselves to the devil and joined in his attack of the Holy Catholic Church…
“I saw the horrible prison, Hell. There I saw the devils that would be released on earth to carry their wicked destruction everywhere. They will decimate every place that idolatry was practiced to such an extent, that no trace of them will remain.”

The Great Restoration Begins:
However, all will not end in this death and destruction. After these purifying punishments, she saw St. Peter return on a majestic papal throne together with St. Paul, who went through the world shackling the devils and bringing them before St. Peter, who cast them back into the dark caverns from where they had come. “Then a beautiful splendor came over the earth, to announce the reconciliation of God with mankind.”
The small flock of faithful Catholics who had taken refuge under the trees will be brought before St. Peter, who will “choose a new pope. All the Church will be reordered according to the true dictates of the holy Gospel. The religious orders will be reestablished and the homes of Christians will become homes imbued with religion.
“So great will be the fervor and zeal for the glory of God that everything will promote love of God and neighbor. The triumph, glory and honor of the Catholic Church will be established in an instant. She will be acclaimed, venerated and esteemed by all. All will resolve to follow Her, recognizing the Vicar of Christ as the Supreme Pontiff.”
Early in 1821 Our Lord said to her, “I will reform my people and my Church. I will send zealous priests to preach my Faith. I will form a new apostolate and send the Holy Ghost to renew the world. I will reform the religious orders by means of new holy and learned reformers. They will all have the spirit of my predilect son Ignatius of Loyola. I will provide my Church with a new pastor, who is learned, holy and full of My Spirit. With holy zeal he will reform My flock.”
“He told me many other things about this renovation. Many sovereigns will support the Catholic Church and be true Catholics, placing their scepters and crowns at the feet of the Holy Father and Vicar of Jesus Christ. Many kingdoms will abandon their errors and return to the bosom of the Catholic Faith. Entire peoples will convert, recognizing the Faith of Jesus Christ as the true religion.”
Blessed Elizabeth and Our Days
Although Elizabeth Canori Mora died on February 5, 1825, her revelations seem directed more to our days than her own. Nineteenth century man would have difficulty believing that humanity could have sunk as low as it now has, and thus may not have understood the severity of her predictions. Moreover, the revelations of Blessed Elizabeth form an interesting compliment to the Message of Fatima, since both speak of apostasy and sinfulness that provoke the wrath of God to bring chastisements and universal destruction and both promise the same conversion and restoration of the Church.
Together, these two sets of prophetic revelations, though separated by almost a century, serve to help us persevere with confidence through the chaotic and wicked times in which we live
(Taken from the writings of Elizabeth Canori-Mora in the possession of the Trinitarian Fathers in San Carlino in Rome)
.....part II follows....

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The Final Prophecies of Blessed Maria Taigi

Incorrupt Blessed Maria Taigi
(A mark of True Sainthood)

Prophecies of

Anna-Maria Taigi ...part 3

(19th Century)

"She knew with certainty the fate of the dead. Her gaze travelled to the ends of the earth and discovered there people on whom she had never set eyes, reading them to the depth of their souls. ...The poor, the great of the world, the princesses of the Church came to her for advice or help. They found her in the midst of her household cares and often suffering from illness.

She touched the sick, and they were cured; she warned others of their approaching end, and they died holy deaths. She endured great austerities for the souls of purgatory, and the souls, once set free, came to thank her....She suffered in body and soul... She realized that her role was to expiate the sins of others, that Jesus was associating her with His Sacrifice, and that she was a victim of His company.

To tell the truth, her state of ecstasy was continual because her sense of the presence of God was continual..All pain was sweet to her....She went her way, her feet all bloody; with shining eyes she followed the Royal way."

a) "God will send two punishments; one will be in the form of wars, revolutions and other evils; it shall originate on earth. The other will be sent from Heaven. There shall come over the whole earth an intense darkness lasting three days and three nights. Nothing can be seen, and the air will be laden with pestilence which claim mainly, but not only, the enemies of religion.

It will be impossible to use any man-made lighting during this darkness, except blessed candles. He, who out of curiosity, opens his window to look out, or leaves his home, will fall dead on the spot. During these three days, people should remain in their homes, pray the Rosary and beg God for mercy."

b) "All the enemies of the Church, whether known or unknown, will perish over the whole earth during that universal darkness, with the exception of a few whom God will soon convert. The air shall be infected by demons who will appear under all sorts of hideous forms."

c) "Religion shall be persecuted, and priests massacred. Churches shall be closed, but only for a short time. The Holy Father shall be obliged to leave Rome."

d) "France shall fall into a frightful anarchy. The French shall have a desperate civil war in the course of which even old men will take up arms. The political parties, having exhausted their blood and their rage without being able to arrive at any satisfactory settlement, shall agree at the last extremity to have recourse to the Holy See. Then the Pope shall send to France a special legate....In consequence of the information received, His Holiness himself shall nominate a most Christian King for the government of France."

e) "After the three days of darkness, St. Peter and St. Paul, having come down from Heaven, will preach in the whole world and designate a new Pope. A great light will flash from their bodies and will settle upon the cardinal who is to become Pope. Christianity, then, will spread throughout the world. He is the Holy Pontiff, chosen by God to withstand the storm. At the end, he will have the gift of miracles, and his name shall be praised over the whole earth."

f) "Whole nations will come back to the Church and the face of the earth will be renewed. Russia, England, and China will come into the Church."

Taken from: Catholic Prophecy (pp 44-45)

Compiled by: Yves Dupont

Published by: www,

Copyright: Original 1970

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The Ominous Prophecies of Blessed Maria Taigi II

Blessed Maria Taigi

Prophecies of Anna Marie Taigi------Part 2
(Died 1857)

Known as the Seer of the "Three Days of Darkness"
(the last 3 days of the 7 Year Tribulation)

g) "During several successive days, Anna Maria beheld a most excessive darkness spreading itself over the whole world. She likewise saw falling ruins of walls, accompanied by much dust, as if a great edifice had tumbled down. This scourge was shown to her on divers occasions. This may indicate the ruins caused by frightful earthquakes, or the destruction effected by the wicked communists. We presume, and assume as pretty certain, that this darkness will be sensible, similar to that of Egypt, mentioned in Exodus, tenth chapter, and that it shall continue during three days.

h) "Religious shall be persecuted, priests shall be massacred, the churches shall be closed, but only for a short time; the Holy Father shall be obliged to abandon Rome.

i) "Our Lord said to her: 'First five big trees must be cut down in order that the triumph of the Church may come. These five trees are five great heresies.' Then the Servant of God said: 'Two hundred years are hardly sufficient that all of this may happen.' And Our Lord replied:'It won't take as long as you think!'

j) "First, several EARTHLY scourges will come. They are going to be dreadful, but they will be mitigated and shortened by the prayers and the penances of many holy souls. There will be great wars in which millions of people will perish through iron. But, after these earthly scourges will come the HEAVENLY one, which will be directed solely against the impenitent. This scourge will be far more frightful and terrible; it will be mitigated by nothing, but it will take place and act in its full rigor. However, in what this heavenly scourge will consist, God did not reveal to anyone, not even His most intimate friends."

(Taken word for word from The Reign of Antichrist by Rev Gerald Culleton copyright 1951. Sold at:

Part three of her prophecies on the way.....